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Coral Wedding - Seed Bombs - Wedding Trends 2018

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Seed bombs! Who doesn't want to bomb the world in which they live with beautiful life and wildflowers! 

This listing includes 25 seed bombs in coral. Great for baby showers, kid's birthday parties or to be used as educational tools in a school setting. Also make great wedding favors or conversation starters at a dinner party or a summer gathering!

Seed bombs are a green gift that helps you turn barren public spaces into oases of garden flowers. Each ball of paper houses dozens of flower seeds. To deploy your bomb, find a vacant lot, alley, or wherever needs a patch of prettiness. Throw ‘n’ go! Toss from spring to fall. Store in a cool dry place until use. Each seed bomb is encased in 100% recycled paper that protects the seeds from the elements and curious critters. Place one in your own container, water and grow! Endless fun for adults and children!
These bombs are are embedded with a mix of organic wildflower seeds including calendula, cornflower, siberian sunflower, shasta daisy, lance leaf coreopsis, plains coreopsis, cosmos, sulphur cosmos, giant larkspur, Russian Mammoth sunflower, sweet william, purple cornflower, california poppy, blanketflower, annual baby's breath, dwarf sunspot, candytuft, rose mallow, blue flax, scarlet flax, perennial lupine, love-in-a-mist, baby blue eyes, shirley poppy, mexican hat, gloriosa daisy, black-eyed susan, catchfly, white yarrow, wild columbine, siberian wallflower, godetia, farewell-to-spring, Chinese houses, rocket larkspur, foxglove, perennial gaillardia, moutain phlox, baby snapdragon, sweet alyssum, annual lupine, evening primrose, red poppy, none-so-pretty, dwarf cornflower, wallflower, elegant clarkia, globe gilia, tidy tips, toadflax, lupine arroyo, lupine baby, and tall marigolds. Most seeds are grown by American Meadows.

And planting the bombs to make use of the seeds is simple. Simply throw and grow! 

Each order comes with the following planting poem that you can use as much or as little as you'd like: 

In these balls little seeds lie in wait
To be planted in your garden or, perhaps, near your gate.
Find a barren place and toss at the dirt
... And a little bit of water sure wouldn't hurt!
Soon you'll spend a beautiful day under the sky
In your new patch of flowers, like cosmos, daisies and catchfly!

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